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Focus on Play

To celebrate the United Nations Day of Play on June 11, our educators are asking the question

"What happens to the engagement and intentionality of childrens play if we put down the ipads?"

For the week 11th June, we will be focusing on engaging and extending children's play.

Educational Leaders will be supporting educators to document children's learning using methods other than taking photos.

We will also be focusing on having conversations with families about children's learning during the day as an alternative to the daily slideshow or reflection photos.

Every child has a universal right to play- play is essential and valuable (Early Childhood Australia).

Play-based learning:

• allows for the expression of personality and uniqueness

• offers opportunities for multimodal play

• enhances thinking skills and lifelong learning dispositions such as curiosity, persistence and creativity

• enables children to make connections between prior experiences and new learning and to transfer learning from one experience to another

• assists children to develop and build relationships and friendships

• develops knowledge acquisition and concepts in authentic contexts

• builds a sense of identity

• strengthens self-regulation, and physical and mental wellbeing.

(Early Years Learning Framework 2.0)

Each of our services Quality Improvement Goal is to develop our skills in play and intentionality. We are excited to see what happens if we move from being observers of play to participants in play.


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