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Strategic Plan

2022 - 2027

Our 2022-27 Strategic Plan identifies five clear goals that underpin our business as we deliver the highest quality of care and education. Our Strategic Plan aims to bring together our families and the community.

Here is how we can work together and why the success of our community starts with success of our children:


To develop: state of the art learning environments; best educational practice; and collaborative relationships with children’s families and the community to provide quality educational practice for children

How this goal benefits our community

  • Improvements to meet placement demand, encouraging professionals to our communities and allowing families to enter the workforce.

  • Giving children the best head start resulting in confident, curious and socially competent students.

How this goal benefits our families

  • All children’s environments are fit for purpose and meet national best practice requirements.

  • Funding sourced to ensure every child’s need are met in our services irrespective of barriers.


Strategies to achieve this goal

  • Develop a system to track outcomes for children

  • Develop Business Cases for infrastructure projects to meet demand for places

  • Make significant improvements in indoor and outdoor environments

  • Reflect on and embed feedback from Family engagement surveys

  • Inclusion support strategies including funding and training is provided to services

  • Funding is sourced to support children with additional needs



To be a career of choice that supports, sustains, and grows a skilled and engaged team to ensure continuity of quality education

How this goal benefits our community

  • A trusted workplace that trains and empowers its employees, creating involved and driven members of the community.

How this goal benefits our families

  • Training and development ensuring the highest level of care and education.

  • A workforce strategy that retains educators providing lasting relation- ships with children and their families.


Strategies to achieve this goal

  • Increase the number of Early Childhood Teachers and Diploma educators by supporting training further study

  • Develop and implement a workforce strategy to increase the satisfaction  retention of educators

  • To support all educators and staff to develop their skills through professional learning and mentoring

  • Establish & support early learning network

  • Implement systems/ software to improve the induction and maintenance of HR records



To build collaborative partnerships with external organisations for the benefit of children and the centre

How this goal benefits our community

  • Promoting positive development and addressing child health and developmental barriers early.

  • Greater Indigenous knowledge that drives lasting respect for the Aboriginal members of our community.

How this goal benefits our families

  • Increased support for crucial development and care through Allied Health services.

  • Practical implementation of a Reconciliation Action Plan.


Strategies to achieve this goal

  • Develop an understanding of opportunities for relationships with

    • Allied Health

    • First Nations communities

    • Out of home care sector

    • Family support services

  • Develop & implement a Reconciliation Action Plan

  • Survey families about barriers & where we can add value



To educate children to care for our environment and implement strategies to reduce the impact of climate change on the organisation

How this goal benefits our community

  • Creating environmentally conscious children who can drive improved sustainability efforts in the community.

  • Reduced operational costs making us accessible, and ethical in our practices.

How this goal benefits our families

  • Intentional teachings about local sustainability efforts and demonstrated through our activities.

  • Sustainability programs and projects that reduce everyday operational costs.


Strategies to achieve this goal

  • Investigate & implement strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of our business

  • Continue to teach children to implement local sustainability practices



To be a financially viable organisation which advocates for quality rural early childhood education to ensure ongoing access for children in our community

How this goal benefits our community

  • A trusted asset in the community that demonstrates transparency and accountability.

  • Understanding and minimising all risks to the company to ensure its sustainability in the communities.

How this goal benefits our families

  • Financial accountability to ensure an ethical and viable service

  • A brand development that is representative of all our services and the communities in which we operate.


Strategies to achieve this goal

  • Recruit and train suitably qualified and experienced board members

  • Develop financial processes/ tools to monitor and track financial performance

  • Develop a brand and promotion strategy which represents all of our services and communities and allows for future growth of the organisation

  • Increase communication with/ representation on peak bodies

  • Diversify our offering to meet family and community demand

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