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Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

The organisation is committed to its legislative responsibility to protect the personal information of its stakeholders. 

Collection of Information 

For the education and care service to be able to meet the needs of each child, family, educator and staff member information must be collected and maintained. 

  • Information collected will include personal, medical cultural, legal, religious, dietaryinformation about the child. It will also include contact information and authorisations by thefamily. It will also include government identifiers such as Customer Reference Number forCCB or tax file number as a means of identifying a person.

  • The purpose of collecting information is to ensure the education, care and medicaltreatment of the child/person.

  • Individuals will be allowed access to their personal information when they request it.Authorised persons may request to view any information kept on their child.


Information on Display

Persons who enter River Region Early Education services may be able to view some information about the children in our care there, for example photos or artwork which may divulge the child’s name and age. In some cases it may be necessary to have on display health information so that we can have ready access to it for emergency purposes. 

The Nominated Supervisor will ensure information provided by families and staff is only used for the purpose it was collected for. 


Updating of Information 

The service will request updates of this information annually, or when a change occurs in the child’s medical or personal details. 


Accuracy of Information 

We encourage all persons associated with the River Region Early Education to let us know if they become aware of inaccuracies in the information we retain. We will respond promptly to any request for correction to data that is discovered to be inaccurate.


Storage of Information 

The Nominated Supervisor will ensure that all personal information is stored securely reducing the chance of unauthorised access, use or disclosure. 

River Region Early Education will ensure that up to date computer virus protection technology, and other appropriate technology such as password security protocols to exclude unauthorised access. 


Access to Information 

The Nominated Supervisor will ensure that information kept is not divulged or communicated, directly or indirectly, to anyone other than: 

  • Medical and developmental information that is required to adequately provide education and care for the child, or 

  • The Department of Education and Communities, or an authorised officer, or 

  • As permitted or required by any Act or Law. 

  • Individuals will be allowed access to their personal information when they request it. Authorised persons may request to view any information kept on their child. 


Information may be denied under the following conditions: 

  • Access to information could compromise the privacy of another individual; 

  • The request for information is frivolous or vexatious; 

  • The information relates to legal issues, or there are legal reasons not to divulge the information such as in cases of custody and legal guardianship. 


This is not an exhaustive list of circumstances where we may be entitled or even required to deny access to information 


Maintaining Information 

The Nominated Supervisor is responsible for keeping all service records required under the Education and Care National Regulation. Information will be updated regularly. 

In keeping with the Early Childhood Australia (ECA) Code of Ethics (2008), the Education and Care Services National Regulations and the Privacy Legislation, educators and staff employed by the education and care service bound to respect the privacy rights of children enrolled and their families. 

Records must be kept 

  • Records relating to an incident, injury or trauma suffered by a child whilst in the care of the service: Until the child is 25 years of age. 

  • Records relating to the death of a child while being educated and cared for at the service or that may have occurred as a result of an incident while being educated at the service for 7 years. 

  • Any other child record including attendance and CCB records: 3 years after the last date of enrolment at the service. 

  • Approved Provider (Management Committee) records. For 3 years after the last date on which the Approved Provider operated the education and care service. 

  • Employee records relating to Nominated Supervisor or staff member. For 3 years after they last provided education and care. This includes timeheets and all personnel records 

  • Financial records should be kept for 7 years after the date the record was made. 

  • Any other record- until 3 years after the date on which the record was made 


Disposing of Personal Information 

The Nominated Supervisor will dispose of unnecessary child information and the General Manager the unnecessary staff and finance records on an annual basis. 

Records will be shredded on site and disposed of securely. 

Electronic records will be archived, and all computer hardware professionally erased before disposal. 


Breaches of Privacy and Confidentiality 

If an individual believes there has been a breach of this policy they should contact River Region Early Education to make a Complaint. 


Wherever appropriate we will give individuals the option of remaining anonymous when communicating with River Region Early Education, for example, in surveys. 


  • Education and Care Services National Regulation 

  • Regulation 181-184 

  • Children (Education and Care Services National Law Application) Act 

  • Children (Education and Care Services) Supplementary Provision Regulation 2012 

  • Section 286(2) of the Corporations Act 2001 

  • National Quality Standard 7- 7.1.1 

  • Family Assistance Amendment Legislation 2009 





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