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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day

August 4th is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day.

The date of August 4th was chosen to commemorate the day used to mark the birthdays of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who were taken from their families at a young age- the Stolen Generations.

At Deniliquin Children's Centre we acknowledge the 60,000 years of history and tradition of Aboriginal families caring for and teaching their children. We strive to incorporate Aboriginal perspectives into our curriculum in the resources we use, in the experiences we plan and by trying to embed local language.

We are proud that more Aboriginal families are choosing to enrol their children in our services, and hope to see this continue to increase.

The Closing the Gap targets are fundamental rights of all children, but for many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, this is not the case. The targets are;

  1. Everyone enjoys long and healthy lives.

  2. Children are born healthy and strong.

  3. Children are engaged in high quality, culturally appropriate early childhood education and care in their early years.

  4. Children thrive in their early years.

  5. Students achieve their full learning potential.

  6. Students reach their full potential through further education pathways.

  7. Youth are engaged in employment of education.

  8. Strong economic participation and development of people and their communities.

  9. People can secure appropriate, affordable housing that is aligned with their priorities and need.

  10. Adults are not overrepresented in the criminal justice system.

  11. Young people are not overrepresented in the criminal justice system.

  12. Children are not overrepresented in the child protection system.

  13. Families and households are safe.

  14. People enjoy high levels of social and emotional wellbeing.

  15. People maintain s distinctive cultural, spiritual, physical, and economic relationship with their land and waters.

  16. Cultures and languages are strong, supported and flourishing.

  17. People have access to information and services enabling participation in informed decision making regarding their own lives.

Recent research, however, shows that there is much still be done to meet these targets. Of the new data, 9 targets are ‘not on track’ and just 2 targets are ‘on track’. Combined with the existing data, there are 11 targets are now ‘not on track’ and 4 ‘on track’.

The gap is not closing fast enough and on some measures, it is going backwards.

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