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Something is cooking!

We are now providing food in our Child Care service.

We’ve incorporated a kitchen and meal provision into the new Child Care building, to promote lifelong learning about healthy food and drink choices and to encourage children to try new healthy foods.

The kitchen employs a cook each day to prepare morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for children. The menu is designed to provide 50% of the child’s daily dietary requirements, as well as providing them a wide variety of nutritious foods.

The older children (Joeys and Wombats) eat their meals in the dining room to help create a positive eating environment that is relaxed and social, and reflects cultural and family values. Children are encouraged to self select their food.

Providing fresh meals goes hand in hand with other healthy lifestyle initiatives in the centre - such as children helping to prepare food and growing their own food in the community gardens.

Children are encouraged to be sustainable, placing scraps in buckets to be fed to chooks.


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