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AGM- Board election results

The AGM of the Deniliquin Children's Centre Board of Management was held 19th October, 2021.

Eliza Eastman and Jo Burn, who were at the end of their term, retired from the Board after many years service. Both Jo and Eliza have held executive roles on the Board. During their terms the Deniliquin Children's Centre has undertaken major change including the opening of the new childcare centre, rebranding of the organization and the transition from an Association to a Company. Eliza and Jo were presented with farewell gits and a vote of thanks was moved for their contribution to the Board.

New directors Airlie Landale and Ben Chartres were elected to the Board.

Returning directors Michelle Siena, Sophie Pisasale and Emily Small were re-elected to the Board.

At the General meeting following the AGM, the 2021-22 executive of the Board was elected.

Chairperson- Emily Small

Vice Chairperson- Jennifer Laird

Secretary- Michelle Siena

Treasurer- Sophie Pisasale


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