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35 Years Service

Helen Campbell was congratulated on her achievement of 35 years service to the Deniliquin Preschool at a morning tea recently.

Helen began her lifetime of work at the Deniliquin Preschool in February 1984 as a full time assistant and then became the teacher in 1989.

In 1988 Helen was appointed Director of the preschool, a role which she continued for 23 years until 2011 when she stepped down as the Authorized Supervisor. She has continued as a dedicated and passionate teacher for 35 years, which is an absolutely amazing achievement.

Helen has always had a passion for preschool education which surrounds a love of reading and literature, as well a deep appreciation of nature.

She has nurtured the garden and playground at the preschool, just as she has nurtured the children in her care.

General Manager, Felicity Michael, said that the Deniliquin community is fortunate to have such a rich source of knowledge about child development and early childhood education, and that many educators have learnt much under Helen's mentoring.

The Management Committee and educators were joined by Helen's family to celebrate this amazing achievement.


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