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Thank you Early Educators

Today is a day to reflect on the value of the work of early childhood educators.

Every Early Childhood Educator has attained a qualification in early childhood education (or is working towards this). 50% of our educators have a Diploma qualification or a Bachelor of early childhood education. Our educators are working in collaboration with families to help children with their development including supporting them accessing specialist services when required. They are constantly reflecting on children's learning, and planning ways to enhance this. Most importantly, educators are developing warm, respectful relationships with children ensuring that children have a sense of safety and security in our services.

Throughout the pandemic period, Early Childhood Educators have continued to provide high quality education and care. This has provided benefits for children and their families, as well as the economy.

For every dollar we invest today in early childhood education, Australia receives back $2 over the child's life. This is because research shows that investment in quality early education leads to improved health, education and employment outcomes for children. These improved outcomes have economic impacts that reach beyond children and their families. (PWC, The Front Project)

Today we also advocate for increased funding to allow for higher pay for these skilled and educated workers. Increased funding of early childhood education would result in increased female participation in the workforce which would boost the economy. (The Australia Institute, The Economic Benefits of High Quality Universal Early Childhood Education).

Please take the time to thank your child's teachers and educators. Tell them what you appreciate about them.

Together we say thank you to these amazing humans!


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