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Preschool Enrolments for 2024 NOW OPEN

Is your child turning 4 or 5 in 2024?

Give them the best start for school, with our preschool program delivered by experienced Early Childhood Teachers.

Enrol now for Free Preschool at Barham Preschool.

Barham Preschool offers 7.5 hour preschool days with before and after preschool care available.

Apply NOW for a place for your child in 2024.

Call 03558 12394

Applications packs are also availabe from Barham Early Learning Service, 49 Noorong St, Barham.

Why preschool?

  • children who participate in a quality preschool education program for at least 600 hours in the year before school are more likely to arrive at school equipped with the social, cognitive and emotional skills they need to engage in learning.

  • participation in preschool reduces a child’s developmental vulnerabilities.

  • children who experience vulnerability and disadvantage benefit the most from preschool.

  • a successful transition to school helps improve children’s educational and social outcomes.

  • improving access to preschool boosts parent’s workforce participation which supports economic growth.

  • a strong early childhood education sector will help ensure all children make the best possible start in life and learning.

  • higher levels of educational attainment, economic participation and family well-being have all been linked to participation in early childhood education.

To apply please collect an enrolment pack from Barham Preschool at 49 Noorong St, Barham or contact our admin team on 58812394 or email


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