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MPHN Primary Healthcare Award for Innovation- Deniliquin Intergenerational Program

The Intergenerational Program, which is a partnership between Deniliquin Children's Centre, Deniliquin High School and Southern Cross Care Orana has WON the Innovation Award at the Murrumbidgee PHN Awards in Wagga Wagga.

Bringing together students from the Deniliquin High School with preschool aged children from the Deniliquin Childcare Centre and older residents of Orana, this program has build connections and understanding between the generations. The Deniliquin High School students who designed and led the program have developed their empathy and leadership skills.

The health and wellbeing benefits for everyone involved have been outstanding, reducing loneliness and increasing happiness. It has also introduced students to future career opportunities working in aged care or early childhood education.

The Deniliquin Intergenerational Program has extended upon the ABC programs "Old Peoples Home for 4 year olds" and ""Old Peoples Home for Teenagers", bringing together all three generations! It has sparked considerable interest from other aged care and early childhood education providers as a low cost, high reward program.

Pictured accepting the Innovation Award are Sara Myatt from Deniliquin Childcare Centre, Nicole Jenkins, Deniliquin High School and Meg Barling from Southern Cross Care Orana.


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